Is Saint Motel Your Type?

Story by Megan Sarnacki

After being featured in the film adaptation of the John Green novel The Fault in Our Stars, Charli XCX’s pop hit “Boom Clap” skyrocketed on the charts. Now, another band may receive similar popularity, as their single “My Type”  is expected to be featured in the film Paper Towns.

The alternative-indie pop band behind “My Type” is Saint Motel. The Los Angeles band consists of A.J Jackson, Aaron Sharp, Chondrak “Dak” Lerdamornpong, and Greg Erwin. The band formed in southern California in 2009.

In an interview with USA Today, Jackson, the lead singer, said the name Saint Motel was the blend “of a few different names we were working with, and the two words just lined up, almost like a slot machine. Nobody hated it, we had the dot-com, and it was pretty hard to make fun of in a sexual way. So we were like ‘Ok, let’s go with that.’”

The band has gone on one U.S. and two European tours and has made some appearances, such as Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Today Show. A list of upcoming live shows around the United States from July to October can be found on their website. Their debut album, Voyeur, was released in 2012, and their most recent EP is entitled My Type.

The EP consists of four songs and can be downloaded on iTunes or Spotify. “My Type” is a very cheery, upbeat song that will get you dancing on your feet. The other three songs, “Ace in the Hole,” “Cold Cold Man,” and “Midnight Movies,” are a little bit more relaxing, but still as charming, exciting, and intriguing.

What makes these four songs on the EP so enjoyable are the fantastic instrumental moments. It definitely shows the talent the members in Saint Motel have as musicians and vocalists. Saint Motel’s appealing music is unique in that it has an interesting, cool retro sound. The “My Type” music video, which was directed by Jackson, also features a retro feeling in the costumes and design.

With high expectations of the movie Paper Towns, the soundtrack will sure to be a hit, making Saint Motel a band to watch out for. Who knows? “My Type” may soar its way to the top of the charts, proving that Saint Motel has what it takes to be yours.

About the Writer…Megan

Megan Sarnacki is a sophomore. She is interested in digital media and other fields of entertainment. She enjoys traveling, exercising, binge-watching Netflix, and spending time with family and friends.

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