A perk of being a college student: discounts

Story by Alyssa Pickle, Reporter
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Even if you don’t like the way your picture turned out on your Aquinas ID, it may still end up being your favorite school ID yet.

College is expensive; our fellow citizens recognize this misfortune and as a tribute of their sympathies, they offer us a discounted price on goods and services. For the few minutes you’re in line deciding what to order, don’t think about those thousands of dollars piling up in the shadowy background of your college education, instead rejoice because you can save fifty cents on that soy latte!

With back to back classes on top of sport schedules and work, you might not have the time to go around shopping for all the things on your essentials list. It might be beneficial to  take advantage of Amazon’s offers. These include a free six month trial membership of Amazon Prime for college students, and membership discounted fifty percent after those six months are up. The many benefits of Amazon Prime include free two day shipping on all orders.

In the same realm of online shopping, the clothing and accessories website Missguided is offering a 30 percent student discount off your entire purchase when you enter your school email address. If you shop online at Topshop you can save 10 percent off your orders year round.

Students can save ten percent off food orders with a student ID at Arby’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and Buffalo Wild Wings. Not like any of us need any more incentive to visit these places, but it helps to know you could save a little bit if ever (whenever) you find yourself there.

Celebration Cinema offers discounted ticket prices on all movies with a college student ID, so instead of paying the standard $11 you would pay $8.50 which could really be a lifesaver with new movies like: “Blair Witch,” “Ice Age: Collision Course,” “The Ring 3,” and “The Beatles: Eight Days a Week,” coming soon.

If you’re interested in the downtown scene of Grand Rapids and want to get out and explore on the weekends, most of the museums have reduced ticket pricing for students with a college ID. If museums are not quite your ideal experience, Art Prize is right around the corner and there is something for everyone to enjoy during those festive weeks when the whole city is transformed into a work of art.To get there — or anywhere — AQ students can ride the city bus for just a quarter.

Keep these places in mind and take your student ID with you everywhere, because you never know when it could save you some money.

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