Esport content creation: New ‘AQDiff’ podcast

(L-R) Esports Head Coach Riley Long, Steven Figge, William Wolf, and podcast special guest Cristian Perez.

Story by Zach Avery, Editor-in-Chief

Photos courtesy of Zach Avery

The Aquinas Esports program has launched their own student-run podcast, called “AQ Diff,” a clever reference to AQ’s often-used tagline. The show is hosted by esports competitors Steven Figge and William Wolf, and weekly guests include players from AQ’s various League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, and Smash Bros. teams.

“Collegiate esports content creation is basically nonexistent, and we like talking a lot, so is there something that matches both of those things,” Figge said. “It’s a podcast that centers around us and collegiate esports as a whole.”

Each episode of AQ Diff begins with a review of recent matches, followed by spotlighted events and their special guest interview. Hosts Figge and Wolf do not simply summarize the school’s win record. Instead, they offer behind-the-scenes insight on the in-team dynamics and player preparation that goes into every game.

“We are in a space with an untapped field of student perspective,” Wolf said. “You can see a lot of esports directors, and they’re posting on Twitter all the time.”

Podcast topics are not limited to esports news, however. Most segments open the discussion, both spontaneously and intentionally, towards a range of ideas. Past episodes have focused on all manner of things, from diversity in collegiate esports to stories on recent trips and photo shoots with the team.

“We talk about topics that we want to discuss in the future, and for each of those topics we have names of who we’d think would be a good guest for it,” Wolf said. “Whoever we can schedule as a guest is how we narrow down the topic selection.”

Overwatch caster Isaac Gould viewing Aquinas’ recent matches against Columbia and Boston University.

The special guest for AQ Diff’s latest episode was Cristian Perez, a GRCC transfer student specializing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a fighting game with 80 unique characters and many ways to play. But, like most of AQ’s esports athletes, the interests and hobbies of these players are not limited to just the video games they compete in. Perez has a long history participating in soccer, and some of his favorite moments at AQ have involved playing titles with other students that aren’t represented by the program, like Knockout City.

“The people are why I am here,” Figge said. “I could go anywhere for esports, I really could. But, I am staying because of the people, and because of this family and group aspect.”

New episodes of AQ Diff premiere every Monday morning on podcast streaming services and are shared at Matches can be seen at

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