Counterpoint: Halloweentown is the Best Movie Hands Down


Story by Bella Buck, Reporter

Photo Courtesy of Pexels.com

I’m not going to lie, this may be the hardest topic I’ve ever had to debate. How can one compare such masterpieces? Such icons! Since I must choose one for the sake of this article, let’s all agree that “Halloweentown” is the best Halloween movie.

There’s no doubt that the older we get, the more we love nostalgic things. We reminisce about the simple days of recess, lunchables, and a carefree world. Around fall, I always think about the Halloween parades at school – the feeling of showing off your costume and spending an entire day playing games and eating junk food. At night we would take off (before there were lame curfews, of course), competing to see who could get the most candy. And the best part of it all? Halloween movie marathons.

“Halloweentown” is the Halloween movie of our generation’s childhood. There’s no doubt “Hocus Pocus” is amazing, but is that what you watched when you were seven years old? “Hocus Pocus” is a great choice if you’re in a spooky Halloween mood, but “Halloweentown” is a celebration of our childhood.

Everyday in Halloweentown is magical! There are witches, warlocks, werewolves, goblins and ghosts roaming about the town square (which is a giant jack-o’-lantern, how cool?). Benny the skeleton taxi driver will take you around town, where I’m sure they have the best pumpkin spice lattes because it’s always fall! The creatures of Halloweentown are friendly, unlike the creepy (but entertaining) Sanderson Sisters from “Hocus Pocus.” There is no greater contrast of two witches than Aggie Cromwell and Winifred Sanderson. Who would you want to spend your night with?

Exactly. And let’s not forget that they made three more “Halloweentown” movies because it was such a hit.

So let’s take a trip back to our childhoods this Halloween. Of course, I’m going to watch “Hocus Pocus” too, but I won’t forget to turn on my favorite Disney Channel Original Movie. The one that taught me [insert cheesy phrase]: Family can overcome even the darkest magic.