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  The Saint newspaper is produced by students of Aquinas College. Our editors and writers have worked diligently for the past 30 years to produce an informative, entertaining and journalistically accurate student publication. Our goal is to continue to provide relevant news and an open forum for the ideas, views and concerns of the Aquinas community.
     Our student editors support reporters and staff writers in finding, researching, illustrating and publishing articles. Any student can write for The Saint and any community member can send a letter to the editor. Issues are published biweekly during the school year here on our website; additional content can be found on our social media platforms.
     If you have thoughts, concerns, story tips or anything else to share with us, please drop us a line in our email or on our Facebook.




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  1. Adding some facts: Regarding the article titled “Where are Wege workers: Wege Cafeteria faces employee shortages.” A more thorough reporting of this topic should have included an interview with either Aquinas HR or the AVP of student services to see whether this statement was true “The college has apparently been lobbied for a wage increase before, to no avail”. Had the reporter done so, she would have found that a discussion of student wages was in the Cabinet agenda on Nov. 7 and that this issue is an active project which is rapidly moving toward resolution.


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