Point: Hocus Pocus Should be Our Focus

Hocus Pocus

Story by Sierra Mason, Reporter

Photo courtesy of mysendoff.com

“Hocus Pocus” is an American cult classic about three witches who return from the dead to feast on the children of Salem, Massachusetts. Although this film began as a flop, it has evolved into a beloved movie the whole family loves. Children love the goofiness of the Sanderson Sisters and the magical aspects of the film. Teenagers enjoy a feeling of nostalgia that takes them back to the days when they could go trick or treating without being frowned upon. Parents like the hidden adult humor and joy the movie brings to their children.

“Hocus Pocus” is shown on numerous networks including ABC, Freeform, and even Disney. When it comes to “Halloweentown,” there’s only one network viewers can find it on, making it more difficult to watch. Since “Hocus Pocus” is shown on many different networks on many different dates through the month of October, it is difficult to miss.

When one goes to a Halloween store, costumes for specific characters from “Halloweentown are scarce.” However, all someone has to do in order to find a Sanderson Sister costume is simply go into the “Witch” aisle and pick one out. According to bestproducts.com, Winifred Sanderson is projected to be the 28th most popular costume this year. Insider has even claimed that “…Hocus Pocus witches are probably the most trendy group costume of all time”.

“Hocus Pocus” is a beloved classic that will be enjoyed for years and years to come. In comparison to “Halloweentown,” there is no contest. Hocus Pocus is the most spooktacular movie of the season.

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