Amy Coney Barrett confirmed as President Trump’s third appointed Supreme Court justice

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by Camille Bistrek, Reporter

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It only took 12 minutes after introducing the session for the Republican Party to confirm their vote on proceeding to the hearing on Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment to the Supreme Court. On October 22 at 12 p.m., Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell confirmed to move forward with Amy Coney Barrett’s possible nomination. At the hearing, all of the Republicans showed their support of Barrett, while the Democrats all boycotted the hearing.

They claimed that the hearing itself was an illegitimate process of confirming a Supreme Court Justice judge. Instead of their physical bodies showing up, they instead replaced their seats with faces and pictures of people from across the country. Democrats fear that if Barrett is confirmed to be a justice, certain health care laws are also at stake. These pictures were of people who all benefited from the Affordable Health Care act. The Republicans have labeled this move as “incredibly childish”. 

Since the Democrats were not present to object to any of the votes or to confirm them, the votes stayed at 12-0, with Republicans voting yes. This hearing has been so rushed that Republicans can move forward with gaining a 6 to 3 majority in the court. The urgency from the GOP to get Judge Barrett confirmed is high. These rapid hearings have been controversial, considering the impending election: They were held mere days before it is announced who the new President of the United States will be. 

Sen. McConnell, who ran the floor, gave his input about Barrett, stating that he “has never seen anyone more capable than Judge Barrett on the law.” He has stated his clear support of her being openly pro-life. He will be bringing her confirmation to the floor on October 23 and hoping to have her confirmed by Monday, Nov. 1. Democrats are expected to challenge this confirmation. The Democrats are concerned over whether or not Barrett would threaten women’s reproductive rights, gay rights, or the Affordable Care Act as a sitting justice due to her academic writings, her personal beliefs, and her judiciary rulings. It is not confirmed as to whether or not Judge Barrett will take action on any of these issues.

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