“Survivor” = Surviving: Freshmen orientation wrap-up

Photo courtesy of AQ Sustainability

by Lila Letica, News Editor

Orientation is one of the biggest events put on by the Student Activities Office every year. This year’s theme, decided by the Student Activities Office (SAO), was based on the television show “Survivor”.

Events ranged from walking through Eastown, some repetitive, awkward ice breakers, and an Amazing Race finale! It’s no surprise freshmen felt a little burnt out at the end of it—but welcome to college 🙂

Orientation is a sacred tradition at Aquinas. Every year, the SAO team works hard to provide important information to freshmen in an inviting way. 

Photo courtesy of Lila Letica

If you attended any events this year, it feels clear that the SAO team did their job. Attendance at events was much higher due to a new scan-in app called Corq. The QR code and new tech made the newer Gen Zers feel right at home.

Tim Ramsay, Director of Student Activities (and many other things), remarks higher attendance is due to the fact that, “people are looking for something to do post pandemic.” While still considering our community’s concerns over COVID-19, the SAO team worked hard to keep students safe as we continue to move throughout this pandemic.
Finally, being away from home is fun and exciting…and intimidating. The best part about Aquinas is you don’t have to do it alone. The main goal of orientation is that you meet people, form friendships, and check the vibes. Thanks to the many staff at SAO, the athletics department, student workers, and Orientation Leaders—this orientation week was a success.

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