Title IX presentation and training for students

Photo courtesy of Lila Letica

by Lila Letica

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits sex based discrimination in education systems. It’s importance on any college campus is necessary for equality in sports, the classroom, and for the sake of sexual assault victims. 

Incoming students were presented with community guideline skits as a means of understanding what Title IX entails. These skits are portrayed humorously by students during orientation week.

Title IX is a serious matter. Currently, there is no Title IX Coordinator at Aquinas College. 

Though, it is understandable that at any institution the hiring process takes time and hiring the correct candidate is imperative for student’s safety.

First-year student Haley Goodenough remarked that the skits “weren’t enough,” and “it should be a more serious matter”.

It’s understandable that “laughing about an issue in a large group is a better environment”—but it doesn’t excuse the uncomfortability it creates among students and the misleading direction that sexual assault is humorous. 

Photo courtesy of Lila Letica

There will be a required web course on Title IX that all freshmen are required to take and pass throughout the first few weeks of school.

“I think getting a new Title IX coordinator will help create a better program for orientation,” said Josie Gonzalez, a fifth-year student at Aquinas, “The skits are old and if they want to be considered for the future I think they should be used more intentionally and be rewritten.”

All AQ Saints should know if they are experiencing Title IX concerns to contact Nick Davidson, campus safety, or the Counseling Health and Wellness Center.

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