What to do at AQ

Photo courtesy of Leah Ash

by Leah Ash, Culture Editor

The first year of college can easily become overwhelming. For many freshmen, it’s your first time living away from home and your first step into the adult world. The class work can easily get overwhelming too, so it is important to know where to go to de-stress and just relax on campus. 

Holmdene Lawn is a place where many students love to hang out and play games like frisbee, but Holmdene has other options for relaxation. Directly to the left of the building is Holmdene Gardens, a serene place to enjoy nature. The gardens have a beautiful pond, plenty of flowers, and benches for you to use. In addition to the gardens, Resident Assistant Shannon Romkema said that the Mary Statue outside the chapel is always a good place to sit and enjoy the sun because “it is always peaceful and beautiful.” 

The Moose is a popular place to hang out on campus. Not only do they have coffee and snacks to help get you through the day (or night), but go upstairs to find a lot more fun. 

Photo courtesy of Leah Ash

“The Moose is definitely my favorite place on campus,” said Elisabeth Leiva, Resident Assistant and secretary of the Aquinas Programming Board. “I love to get late night snacks and meet up with my friends there.” 

The Moose is open from 7:00 a.m. until midnight, so there is plenty of time to relax, snack, and play games. 

While Holmdene Gardens and The Moose are definitely the most popular places to relax on campus, there are other amazing options. Walking the trails or hammocking in the trees in between Regina and the chapel are also great options. The Corner is another great place to get food and drinks, including ice cream for some of those stressful nights. Exploring campus is one of the best things to do in your free time, and can be a great way to spend the day.

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