AQ Esports kicks off their “Rocket League” WHAC season

Photo Courtesy of AQ Esports.

by Zach Avery, Editor-in-Chief

The fall collegiate esports season is now in full swing, and our Aquinas College Rocket League team has launched itself forward as a leading squad in the Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference (WHAC) inaugural esports season. The conference consists of 7 total member schools, and some Aquinas players believe that their strong start in the past week (3-0 wins against both Cleary and Concordia) spells big results for their starting roster in the coming months.

“I could see us doing well and finishing near or at the top,” said Stocks, a longtime veteran of Aquinas Rocket League and in his final year with the program. 

This player, Stocks, was able to score that first goal against Concordia which carried enough momentum to rally his teammates throughout the Best of 5 match.

Stocks was also one of the very talented players who managed to take runner-up for the NACE National Grand Finals in the program’s first year competing. They’ve helped shape Aquinas Esports from the very beginning.

(L-R) Benzing, Stocks, Lemon.
Photo courtesy of Shane Duncan.

It seems that for a good team to perform well, even for online gaming, it takes an extraordinary amount of trust and chemistry. 

“Spirits stay up and we support each other, and that’s a huge benefit to our team,” said Benzing, another longstanding player for the AQ Rocket League team. 

With these two experienced players leading the team, it seems certain that their new addition, Lemon, will be in good company and under great leadership throughout the season. This is Lemon’s first semester on the starting roster for AQ Rocket League, and they’re beyond excited to get competing.

“I’m looking forward to showing the collegiate Rocket League scene what we’re made of,” said Lemon.

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We have a new conference, a new starting player, and, if that wasn’t already enough, a brand-new coach: Shane Duncan. His approach to coaching seems to be grounded in hard-work and steady focus.

“Something that we preach is to never be content,” said Duncan. “You can celebrate the highs, but we always keep pushing forward.”

The Aquinas Rocket League will compete again for WHAC on September 16th at 8:00 p.m. on their broadcasting channel at

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