Free Food! Grocery Store Bingo Event

Photo Courtesy of Tim Ramsay

by Lila Letica, News Editor

The Aquinas Programming Board’s event “Grocery Store Bingo” was a hit with over 100 attendees in The Moose Café!

Grocery Store Bingo happens twice a year, once each semester. Before the event, members of the E-board go to the store and pick out food to fill thirty grocery bags for lucky winners. Fifteen of these bags are dedicated to non-stove items, for those stuck in dorms, with some great snack options and microwavable meals. 

Anticipation was high as numbers were called out from the Moose’s stage, everyone hoping to take home some goodies. BINGO! BINGO! People shouted excitedly as they won and walked up ready to claim their prize of free food. What could be better for college students?

Photo courtesy of Tim Ramsay

The Moose was so packed that president of the Programming Board, Bridget Baehl, remarked they are hoping for their spring semester bingo to be held in the Wege Ballroom. She said of the event, “All the winners were really stoked and it was all around a grand time.” 

Make sure to follow @aquinaspb on Instagram to watch for next semester’s Grocery Store Bingo and many other events. The next upcoming one from them is comedian Daniel Martin on Wednesday, September 15th from 9-11PM in the Wege Ballroom.

The new app Corq was used as a way for students to check into the bingo event and will be used throughout the year. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, be sure to if you want to participate in any kind of organized fun!

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