Student Senate Candidates & Election

Photos Courtesy of Student Senate E-Board
Budget Director: Kadynce Romijn
Vice Chair: Morgan Cremer
Secretary: Karoline Coley
Chair: Rebecca Beltran
Advisor: Tim Ramsay
Not pictured:
Academic Affairs Director: Noah Dennie

by Lila Letica, News Editor

The Student Senate is the governing body at Aquinas and is composed of students from each class year to ensure representation. Each school year brings about elections where each class is able to vote in their senators. 

The Senate has meetings with staff and faculty members, plans budgets for clubs, and hears the concerns of students. This year’s E-Board is almost all women (get it girl bosses!) with the exception of the Academic Affairs Director Noah Dennie and advisor Tim Ramsay. Student Senate is a great way for students that are interested in government to get experience as well as a way to create change on campus.

I talked with a few student candidates this year to get a feel for what inspired them to run. One was junior Maura Maloney: a Sociology major, Diversity Assistant, and Moose barista. She says she wants “everyone to feel included” and “to be a voice for others.” Sometimes politics feels frustrating and like it doesn’t really create change—but with a listening ear like Maura’s, hopefully there is improvement in sight…at Aquinas at least 🙂

Another candidate, Esmeralda Ruiz, or as friends know her as Esme, is a senior at Aquinas studying Business Administration and Communication with a minor in Spanish. She’s involved on campus as a manager at the Moose, a member of the AQ Cheer team, President of the Latinx Student Association, just to name a few. I asked her due to her being pretty busy, what made her want to add “Student Senator” the list? 

Esme remarked that during the pandemic she really missed the school spirit and listed many clubs that help bring campus to life. She said, “They all make a difference on campus. By being in Senate, I am able to be a part of the process in ensuring that these amazing groups are given the opportunity to thrive and have their voices be heard.”

For those of us not running, let’s remember to vote! The democratic process starts with us and don’t be afraid to reach out once your class senators are elected to ask for what you need and changes you’d like to see at Aquinas. Together we are the AQ difference.

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