Changes for Student Activities & Orientation office

SAO offices located at the Cook Carriage House.

by Lila Letica, News Editor

Photos courtesy of Lila Letica

The Director of Student Activities & Orientation, Tim Ramsay, left Aquinas College in early October to pursue a new career. Tim contributed to the Aquinas community for 11+ years, as a student and then on professional staff in varying positions. If you knew Tim, it’s easy to see how much love students have for him.

The SAO team is filled with dedicated student workers. I asked them to share a few words on Tim and his impact. Bridget Baehl recalls, “Tim was someone who cared about you as a whole person, not just what you were involved in.” She goes on to say she, “considered him a friend, someone you could look up to, someone who pushed you to be your best without putting too many expectations on you. He really cared about students.”

It’s clear Tim leaves behind big shoes to fill. Currently Nick Davidson, Associate VP for Student Affairs and Athletics, is taking responsibility over the SAO team. He says, “Our student staff in the SAO department has a great plan in place for this semester. They are clear leaders on this campus, so I am continuing to meet with the team and will support them in following through on the plan.”

The Cook Carriage House at Aquinas College.

A Student Activities office run mostly by the students seems consistent with its name. However, it is a lot of work to plan events, help oversee RSOs, and create meaningful connections with students. Student worker Brandon McEachern remarks, “There is a lot of slack to pick up, but we feel confident with the hardworking people in this office and support from the leadership of this college that we will be able to have a great year.”

Josie Gonzalez states, “Many of us have years of experience working in the Student Activities office (under different directors), so the time we have spent has prepared us for a transition like this.”

The SAO director is currently being reviewed with the hope for a placement by January. In a position that is focused on connection with students, one would hope that the hiring team sees fit to include students in this decision.

Tim Ramsay was an integral part of campus life and his presence will be deeply missed. Thank you for all you’ve done for our community!

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