Provost Germic Puts His Cards on the Table

Photo by Yashowanto Ghosh

by Yashowanto Ghosh, Reporter

Photo courtesy of Yashowanto Ghosh

Dr. Stephen Germic’s first year as provost of Aquinas College has created changes to our academic program, and more change is coming.  The Saint had a one-on-one conversation with him about the details.

Last year we saw a big change with the first run of the winter term,  and sign ups for winter term are already here again. You may have heard rumblings about shifting to a four-credit model which seemed to be in the driver’s side mirror, but may be closer than it appears.  You may also have noticed some changes in the classes your major or minor is offering.  We asked:  Where are we going with all this?  Are we upgrading the curriculum?  Is this just routine maintenance?  Or, are we tightening our collective belt?

Provost Germic shared that, if we look at the big picture, the reforms will fit together to improve our program—they are intended to create the best possible outcomes. A lot of the change he is after is creating an academically centered culture at the college.  The winter term, for instance, is an opportunity for students to progress more efficiently toward graduation, and also a new window student athletes can take to maintain their eligibility.

Photo by Lila Letica

But the winter term is last year’s news—we had more questions about the upcoming four-credit model.  The new model is projected to go into effect two years from now, and Germic has taken the topic to the Student Senate.  He told us with the research that’s been done, it’s quite clear this new model leads to greater student success.  

This will create the best student-centered learning process, and the change will better prepare students for life after college.  And—one detail I, being in the middle of a degree myself, liked hearing—Germic said there is an objective to make sure no students lose any ground they have already won toward their degrees as we transition to our new model. 

Germic also added that there are reviews of tracks and concentrations with low enrollment.  Some in-demand programs may be added, too, but that would happen after the four-credit model is up and running.

Germic said the changes will enhance the profile of Aquinas as a model institute for academic excellence and student-centered learning.

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