Credits that don’t get enough credit

Photo courtesy of Aquinas College

Article by Elisabeth Young, Reporter

It is that time of year again, Saints! Registration is well underway for the spring semester and students are mapping their schedules out accordingly. While there are some classes that all students are required to take, there are a plethora of others that tend to fly under the radar. Some of these classes however, are worth being noted. So, here are three classes offered in the spring of 2022 that would be worth your time:

  1. CN 185: Intro to Radio Production

Speaking from experience, this class is worth every minute. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect- and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I learned. While enrolled, you will learn about the ins-and-outs of what it takes to produce a successful radio station, as well as how podcasting works (you may even have a chance to record and edit your own podcast like I did) and what the history of radio looks like. 

  1. PS 360: Hollywood Cinema and Power. Netflix Highly Recommended

For any movie buffs reading this who also have their foot in the political world, this class is an interesting one to ponder. Now that movies and T.V. have overtaken so many aspects of our daily lives, it would be interesting to learn more about some of the political, economic, and social factors that go into the cinematic industry. Not to mention the fact that the one and only Dr. Durham is teaching this class; every class with Durham is an interesting class, so it is a win regardless.

Photo courtesy of Aquinas College
  1. CN 203: Principles of Persuasion

When looking at the list of classes available for the spring semester, this class caught my eye immediately. I have only taken one communication class, and I would love to take more; especially this one. I do not know exactly what this class would entail, but based on the title, this sounds like a class worth taking. Think of being able to learn about how to persuade someone in the form of advertisements, or even just a normal conversation. The skills this class could potentially give someone is worth noting. 

I myself wish I had enough room to take all of these classes, however, I cannot. For those of you who have extra room in your schedule, take a gander at these classes!

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