Trivia Night Lights Up Cook Carriage House

Trivia players at the Moose

Photos Courtesy of Yashowanto Ghosh

Story by Yashowanto Ghosh, Reporter

A lively crowd of almost 50 people came together for a couple of hours to enjoy community, popcorn, lemonade, and the Aquinas College Programming Board’s (AQPB’s) Trivia Night at the Moose Cafe on Wednesday, November 17th.

The event consisted of Kahoot quizzes, with Bridget Baehl of the AQPB Executive Board serving as quizmaster.  The first quiz was 20 questions about Taylor Swift, with 21 players taking part.  At the end of the quiz, the winner got a gift card of their choice from an assortment of cards AQPB had brought, while everyone else lined up for hot popcorn and cold lemonade. Then we moved on to the next round, which was 30 questions on Harry Potter.  Other topics through the night included movies, sports, The Office, Disney, and even winter.  

The final round was five questions on each of the five members of the AQPB E-Board—the winner of that round, having already won a round earlier in the evening, did not get another prize, but the players in second through fifth places got gift cards. The rounds were between 12 and 30 questions long, lasting about 15 minutes each. The event started with about 30 people in the room, with more people coming in throughout the two hours, the atmosphere became more upbeat with each round.

A winner collecting their prize

Nicholas Klak, another member of the AQPB E-Board, said that the Trivia Night has been a hit in the past. When the club resurfaced last year, after a two-year hiatus, the event was a great success, with students coming together to compete in trivia on different categories for gift cards to their favorite businesses. Last year the event was virtual, and AQPB was excited to have an in-person Trivia Night this year, fostering a community on campus with an evening where we could enjoy each other’s company.

The AQPB’s next event will be “Christmas Chaos” from 7–9:30 P.M. on Tuesday, November 30th, also at the Moose.

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