Sticky Fingers: A new Eastown must see

The Sticky Fingers storefront. Photo courtesy of Leah Ash.

Story by Culture Editor Leah Ash

Photos by Leah Ash

Business has expanded in Eastown, with a new storefront opening just in time for the new year. The candy store, named Sticky Fingers, is located nearby Eastown Antiques, just off Wealthy Street. Sticky Fingers is easily found with their logo pointing to their storefront and bright, colorful window display. 

Inside, the building is filled to the brim with a rainbow of colors. Shelves upon shelves of all kinds of candy, of all brands. Some of the candy is easily recognizable, like Hershey’s chocolate bars, M&Ms, Reese’s, and Smarties. In addition to the beloved favorites, they also have more unique brands that pique your interest. For example, vintage candy like Candy Buttons, Bazooka Gum, and bulk varieties of Strawberry buds and Butterscotch Discs are available in the store. 

Along with the classic and beloved treats, Sticky Fingers offers new twists on old favorites. A popular sweet at the store is cotton candy, but it has been reimagined with all new flavors. You can buy cotton candy flavored like Orange Dreamsicle, Lemonade, or PB&J. Or, you can try even crazier flavors like Pickle and Bacon. 

Beyond the overwhelming amount of candy, Sticky Fingers offers fun, cute knick knacks. They have stickers, fidget toys, erasers, cups, and pillows. The store has a large wall of stationary: including gift bags, pens, and fun wrapping paper. 

“The owners were going for a fun, family atmosphere, inspired by their own family,” said Lauren, a staff member.

A wall of shelves stocked full of candy and other goods. Photo courtesy of Leah Ash.

Sticky Fingers is a different direction, as the managers of the store also own the shops Rebel and Commune, which focus on home decor and are targeted more towards adults. This shop is decidedly a family adventure, meant to help folks make memories with their kids.

I walked into the building and saw families smiling and laughing with joy. Kids were going around and grabbing candy from bulk bins, using fun, tiny carts that are provided for them. The adults were having just as much fun, even if some were there by themselves. 

Candy is a unifying experience: everyone has a favorite sweet. Whether your favorite is chocolate, gummies, hard candy, or something else, being surrounded by so much color and joy makes it easy to have a fun experience in Sticky Fingers. Stop by this new shop the next time you’re exploring Eastown!