Spring Break in West Michigan

Story by Kara Wheeler, Reporter

If you happen to find yourself in West Michigan this spring break, odds are you didn’t intentionally choose to. But, what you can choose is what to do with your time off in a place that offers an urban city, rural attractions, and a lakeshore less than 45 minutes away.

Here are five things to do during your spring break in west Michigan; let yourself be a tourist in your own city!

  • Go to the frozen lakeshore
Photo by Mitchell Henderson on Pexels.com

It’s the dead of winter, you should obviously go to the beach! Dubbed “the Great Lake State,” Michigan is known for its massive freshwater lakes that surround three sides of its borders; Michiganders take full advantage of beaches, water sports and boating on the state’s beautiful, clean waters. What some people often overlook though, is the lakes’ particular beauty in the winter. The city of Grand Haven, which sits on the lakeshore, invites locals and visitors to witness the beaches’ frozen waves mid-capsize, the pier that has transformed itself into an ice sculpture, and even to grab a warm corn dog from the famous corn dog stand, “Pronto Pups,” a fan-favorite in the summer months.

  • Try one of the city’s many new restaurants
Photo courtesy of Beacon Corner Bar

The city of Grand Rapids never seems to stop growing. As an Aquinas student, you can take advantage  of a bustling and booming city before it really takes a spot on the map, which, with its expansive track record, is bound to happen. In fact, this year alone, 22 new restaurants will open, including seafood casual restaurant Beacon Corner Bar, which opened on Jan. 5, and Barrio Tacos, expected to open in mid-march. In addition, Grand Rapids welcomed burger chain Wahlburgers, part-owned by actor Mark Wahlberg, in November of 2021 and a waffle and cocktail bar (if you are of age), called Social Misfits last December. Whether you have a hankering for authentic Mexican or a speakeasy bar (my lips are sealed),  Grand Rapids has you covered.

  • Attend a show

One who knows Grand Rapids knows there is no lack of performance halls and consequently, symphonies, musicals and concerts; one can’t help but become a Renaissance Man. Brush up on your knowledge of and experiences with the fine arts, and attend one of many shows playing, including Symphony with Soul: a concert with Leslie Odom Jr., concerts featuring Mitchell Tenpenny, Tool, Grand Rapids symphony, and a personal favorite of mine, Greta Van Fleet. No matter what you decide to do this spring break, make sure it’s something you enjoy doing.

Whether you are in the Caribbean or Caledonia, as long as you spend your time recharging and appreciating your time off, it will be a much-needed and a great spring break.

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