Spring Fest at Aquinas College

Photo courtesy of Leah Ash

Story by Leah Ash, Culture Editor

As the semester winds down, spring is slowly rising in the air. Despite the gloomy weather, students have been celebrating the time of year with the college’s annual SpringFest. 

Arranged by the student activities office, SpringFest is a week in April where various clubs and departments put on programs for students to enjoy. This is a week filled with fun and exciting events meant to help students relax and have fun before settling down to prepare for exams. 

Programs involved in SpringFest included Catholic student fellowship, the history club, Spanish club, the multicultural club, the Aquinas programming board (AQPB), housing residence life and experience, and the student activities office itself. 

The first big event of the week was “Rolling into Spring,” organized by AQPB. During this event, Wege Ballroom was turned into a skating rink for students to enjoy. Set up like a traditional roller rink, there were bright flashing party lights accompanied by loud music to get students into the skating mood. Anyone was welcome to skate, as skates were provided at check in. 

“Oh my gosh, I had so much fun!” said Laura Krueger, sophomore. “I loved the music and the lights. It was a great community event where we could chat but still have an activity to do.”

On Thursday, Residence Life transformed the Wege Ballroom again, this time into a movie theater for their program “Throwback to the Future.” Students were offered complimentary concessions, including slushies, and unlimited popcorn to snack on.  The first people to arrive were able to relax on bean bags chairs that were provided as they watched “Back to the Future” on the big screen. 

Photo courtesy of Leah Ash.

Emily Green, a senior, attended the movie premiere.

“I loved it,” Greene said. “It was such a fun use of that space, and it allowed us to come together and destress from the semester for a little while.”

The week concluded with the penultimate event, the Spring Formal. Hosted by SAO, students purchased $20 tickets in advance, and even sold out of tickets a couple of days before the program. The dance was located in the Downtown Market, a beautiful venue filled with plants and glass windows that showed the sunset. 

“I thought Spring Formal was super great,” said Nick Klak, junior. “I am thankful for all the time that student workers and employees spent to make it a great event. The venue was beautiful and green, and it really made the inside feel like a completely opposite environment to the rainy and cold weather outside.”

SpringFest was a fun time for all students, and a great way to let off steam prior to exam season.