Serenity in studying on campus

Students study in the upper Moose Cafe.

Story by Meridian Pearson, Opinion Editor

Photos courtesy of Meridian Pearson.

If it’s your first time in college, it can take awhile to find a study routine that works for you. But even if you have a schedule, where are you supposed to go to study? Sometimes your dorm just doesn’t cut it. With roommates, neighbors and the overall business of college life, you might be hard pressed to find a bit of quiet time in your room to read your textbooks. Here are a few places I’ve found for a little study solace on campus:

The Moose

While the Moose is a good place to grab coffee and hang out with friends, it’s also a nice study spot. Head upstairs to one of the comfy booths and get to typing that essay. It’s a great space to meet for group projects too!


Next time you grab a bite to eat at Wege, look around at all the study spaces. From the couches outside the bookstore to the secluded picnic tables behind the building, Wege is a wonderful place to study. Plus, you probably go there a lot anyway!

A hidden study spot on campus. Can you find it?


If you’re looking for something more out of the way, look closely behind the chapel for a small path leading through the treeline to the Performing Arts Center. On that path you’ll find a sweet little bench that creates the perfect reading spot. There is also a beautiful forest trail along the creek behind Holmdene that works well for brainstorming walks. Take a trip around campus and look for pockets of nature that could become your new favorite place!

Art & Music Center

While beauty can be found throughout our campus, there’s nowhere quite like the AMC. In any given space you are surrounded by creative art from your peers at AQ, and there are plenty of available, cozy sofas and chairs throughout the building. Plus, the gallery hosts a rotating exhibit throughout the semester, so if you ever need to take a break from your work to see some beautiful art, you’re only a minute away!

Wherever works for you

The most important thing about a study space is that it allows you to relax and focus on whatever you need to do. Whether that means grabbing your earbuds and listening to your favorite music or stepping out into nature and enjoying the sound of birds, have fun finding a study sanctuary for yourself somewhere on campus!

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