Outdoor recreation at AQ: Bikes and hikes

Students getting ready to ride their bikes.

Story by Leah Ash, Culture Editor

Photos courtesy of Leah Ash

Biking is a favored pastime of Aquinas College students, and on Wednesday, Sept. 14, students gathered together to enjoy a quick ride around campus. The Early Bird Bike Ride began at 8 A.M., and went onto Fulton St., Woodward Ln. and Robinson Rd., as well as moving through on-campus roads. 

As fun as it was, this event was not spontaneously created. It was an assignment for the KN147 Outdoor Recreation class.

“It was inspired by the thought of exercise that we could make into a fun community experience,” said Nina Bennett, one of the students who helped organize this event.

Taught by Dr. Kesselring-Quakenbush, this is a morning quad class that is only offered in the fall semester. The class is intended to teach students about organizing and leading recreational activities, like bike riding. Half of the class is lecture style, going over powerpoints and taking notes, while the other half is spent participating in a variety of recreational activities. 

These outdoor activities include things such as biking, hiking, kayaking, ice skating and more. 

Students riding past Hruby on the Early Bird Bike Ride.

Needless to say, this is an exciting class for students to be involved in.

“I love this class,” Bennett said. “Getting credits to go outside? Yes please! I think everyone should take it even just to go out into nature, get outside and be active.” 

“My favorite part of the class is just being able to go on the fun outdoor trips,” said Andrew Briskey, another class member. “It’s definitely a great way to have some fun mid-week.”

Another event will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 28, from 1:30 P.M. to 3 P.M.. This upcoming event will be a walk around campus, where students will not only enjoy our beautiful campus but also clean it up by picking up trash left on the trails.

Any student who enjoys outdoor events should consider taking this class when it is offered again next fall.