K-Pop Dance is officially a club at Aquinas

Story by Scott Hopkins, Reporter

Photos courtesy of Scott Hopkins

K-Pop Dance Club was established on October 12, 2022 by freshman Scott Hopkins. Their first meeting was on October 26.

This club consists of getting together, learning choreography and performing on campus or at pop-up events. K-Pop Dance Club is the first club on campus to represent Korean Culture. K-Pop Dance Club is cultural, active, fun and a performing arts based Registered Student Organization (RSO). 

K-Pop stands for “Korean pop music” and it has been growing immensely in popularity since the success of groups like BTS and BLACKPINK. K-Pop has a variety of sub-genres with lots of different styles. Because of the variety, you can always find something you like in K-Pop.

K-Pop may be deceiving and hard for people to accept because of the language barrier, but the good thing is that half of the songs are English and the other half is in Korean. Most of the catchy choruses consist of repetitive English phrases that are very easy to follow along with as an American fan.

Eventually, you get past the language barrier and learn to accept songs based on melody and vocals. Whenever you hear a K-Pop song on the radio, give it a listen because you might just like it!

K-Pop Dance meets every Wednesday from 5:30-7 p.m. in the dance studio below St. Joe’s Hall. They meet on a weekly basis so members of the group can master choreography to be ready in the near future. The song the club plans to learn first is “Hello” by Treasure. There is no requirement to perform on stage in this club.

You can watch, learn the dance, be with your friends, meet new people and become confident in your dancing ability.