Body Found in Wilcox Park 

Photo via Re/max of Michigan

Story by News Editor Ellie Youngs

As many students at Aquinas may already be aware, the college went into a lockdown on Wednesday, January 11, as a result of gunshots heard coming from Wilcox Park. After hearing the gunshots, Aquinas College Campus safety called the police, and the faculty and students on campus were all put on lockdown. Aquinas immediately sent an emergency notification email to students and staff. The lockdown was put in place at about 8:00 in the morning for roughly 40 minutes, and was then lifted after police searched the area and concluded that there were no suspects or weapons nearby that would pose a threat to the safety of those on campus. 

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On Thursday, January 12, a dogwalker discovered a body in Wilcox Park. Aquinas sent out another courtesy email to students and staff about the discovery. The police are still investigating this, however they do believe that the man died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds; they have not given any other information on this issue.