The Legend of Brock Purdy: The Biggest Story of the 2023 NFL Season

Photo via Pro Football Network

Story by Sports Editor Mark Musgrave III

Mr. Irrelevant. In the National Football League, that’s what you call the last pick in the NFL Draft. Number 256. That’s because the only players worth drafting are in the first two rounds, and those guys don’t even always pan out. But there are always a select number of players that make a successful career in the pros and sneak past all of the draft reporters who devote countless hours into draft research. There’s always a backup Quarterback that gets lots of attention every year: Nathan Peterman, Trace McSorely, Jordan Love, etc. This season, all eyes have been on San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Brock Purdy, a seventh rounder from Iowa State University.

When coming off the bench late mid season due to other Quarterbacks Jimmy Garrapolo and Trey Lance getting injured, Brock shined in a big way. Currently, the 49ers are on a 10 game win streak going into the NFC Championship and a 6 game streak with Purdy, a big turnaround after starting the season 1-2. In the Divisional Round against the Dallas Cowboys, Purdy went 19-29 and 214 yards leading the team to a 19-12 victory.

All is good and well on the field, but off the field, speculation continues to grow. Who will play Quarterback for the 49ers to start the 2023 regular season? Jimmy Garrapolo who has been ‘Ol Reliable in the playoffs in the past? Or Trey Lance who the the 49ers spent multiple draft picks on to trade up to draft in the #3 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft? Right now the answer you might think would be Brock Purdy based on recent success, and you’re right. According to Sports Illustrated, the 49ers front office has already set their mind on Purdy to be the starting man next season.

Next week, The 49ers take on the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship competing against Jalen Hurts and company. In the AFC, the Cincinnati Bengals will face the Kansas City Chiefs. A stellar QB matchup will be on display between Patrick Mahomes, the betting favorite for League MVP and Joe Burrow, aka Joey Brrrr. The betting lines by team have the Chiefs in front at +250 followed by the Eagles and Bengals at +265 and the 49ers in last place with +320 odds of a Super Bowl win according to Draft Kings Sportsbook. You can catch the games next Sunday, Jan 29, 2023 on FOX (NFC)  and CBS (AFC).