Exclusive Interview with Director of Athletics Nick Davidson

Graphic courtesy of Meridian Pearson, Editor in Chief

Story by Sports Editor Mark Musgrave III

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Nick Davidson, the Director of Athletics and Vice President of Intercollegiate Athletics here at Aquinas College. Prior to, he was an Assistant Athletic Director at Davenport University. Davidson spent four years as the Athletic Director at Keiser University in Palm Beach, Florida. A graduate of Northwood University, Davidson earned his bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management. He coached men’s basketball for two years at Northwood while obtaining his Master of Business Administration in Integrated Management. Without further ado, here is my interview with Nick Davidson:

Mark: Walk me through some of what your job entails:

Davidson: I oversee our athletic program. I hire the right people for the right job. Our athletic program is collectively one big family. I hold everyone accountable. Our success is determined by the persona of each athlete. Our collaboration is what determines the future of this institution.

Mark: Why do you do what you do?

Davidson: I love my job. I grew up in athletics and I admire the atmosphere and process of developing students. It’s amazing to see how leaders are formed through the four years that students are here. They come in and out different people, ready to take on the world. 

Mark: How do you create a winning culture? 

Davidson: Like how coaches have to recruit their players, I have to recruit mine. I have to pick the right coaches. When this happens, a great support system is put in place. Everyone works together to perfect their craft. This place is full of good people and great relationships are made.

Nick Davidson.
Photo courtesy of AQ Athletics

Mark: Aquinas currently has 31 sports teams, is there any possibility of expansion?

Davidson: I never say never. But if we do decide to expand, it would have to be in a non-detrimental way. We’ve reached our maximum capacity in all of our facilities. If another team were to be added, they would have to play off campus. 

Mark: Do you have anything to say to your student body of athletes?

Davidson: I’m proud of your accomplishments. In the classroom and on the field. You embody the definition of Student Athlete. I encourage you to continue to hold your academics to the highest standard.

Mark: If you had to choose, who is your favorite athletic team? 

Davidson: Oh man, that’s like asking which one my kids I love more. The answer is, I don’t have one. But what I will say is that I love going to Nationals. The end result is always pleasing. The main objective is championships.

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