Who is Your Valentine, AQ?

Photo courtesy of Leah Ash

Story by Culture Editor Leah Ash

Valentine’s Day is a holiday celebrating love: not only among romantic partners but also love between friends and family. Aquinas had many events during the week of Valentine’s that celebrated all the love that can be found on campus. 

The beloved campus event Stuff a Plush, hosted by Student Activities and Orientation,  returned to campus on Tuesday, February 14. As always, the event was highly anticipated and very successful. Before the event opened, there was a line stretching outside the Cook Carriage House Doors. 

“Stuff a plush is my favorite part of the year,” said student Bri Trepins. “I live for this moment.”

When asked about her favorite part of Stuff a Plush, student Marie Kieras said “I love the community building aspect of it – everyone loves Stuff a Plush. Plus, you get a free stuffed animal, which is a slay!”

Student Chloe Mason said, “I love getting a stuffed animal, it’s free, and a ton of fun.”

Collaborating with SAO on Valentine’s Day events, the Aquinas Programming Board hosted Roses with AQPB at the same time. With a hundred roses in a variety of colors available, students were able to grab a rose to give to their valentine before they went to grab their plush. 

In addition, there were hundreds of sweet treats from Insomnia Cookies available for everyone to enjoy. With classic flavors like chocolate chip to seasonal flavors like a red velvet cookie to allergen friendly choices like the vegan or gluten free options. There truly was a cookie everyone would love. 

Also on Tuesday, February 14, the Jane Hibbard Idema Women’s Studies Center partnered with AQPride for their Love is Love Button sale, located in the Grace Hauenstein Library. 

The button sale was very successful, selling out of buttons talking to many students, faculty and staff on the various flags that represent the LGBTQ community. 

“We made over $100,” said student volunteer Elinor Edlund. “It’s going towards the YMCA of West Michigan and to GR Pride.” 

Photo courtesy of Leah Ash

Valentine’s Day week ended with Mixing up Valentine’s Day, a mixer hosted by Residence Life on Thursday, February 16 in Wege Ballroom. 

This event was one to remember. Students walked up, grabbed a flower and walked into the ballroom to find a table laden with cookies, candy, and a chocolate fountain to enjoy. 

At the same time, the Aquinas Jazz band performed for students throughout the event. With the live concert and great atmosphere, this was the perfect event to end the love filled week.