The Global Food Festival Returns

Last year’s Global Food Festival. Photo courtesy of Nisha van Laar.

Story by Culture Editor Leah Ash

Experience all the cultures and countries on campus on Wednesday March 29 at the Global Food Festival. Co-hosted by the Office of International Programs and the Multicultural Club, this is an opportunity for students to personally share their culture with others.

This is an annual event that students look forward to every year. The festival works by giving each student a chance to represent a country by either making a dish from the country or sharing a cultural activity. According to the Director of International Programs, Nisha van Laar, this event is open to all students, not just international students. 

“We are open to anyone that wishes to share their cultural background or experience,” said van Laar. “This could be a student from study abroad, someone who has a relative from another country or someone just interested in a particular place.”

Staff and faculty often join the fun as well. Last year, there were dishes made from Ireland program professors and Dr. Ruiz-Sanchez took the floor and taught everyone flamenco. 

Last year’s Global Food Festival. Photo courtesy of Nisha van Laar.

At the festival, students can expect to see tables set up along the walls in Wege Ballroom with each table representing a different country. Visitors will be able to walk along the room, sampling the foods and learning about the different cultures. 

There will be 23 different countries represented during the Global Food Festival this year. At the France table, students will find crepes, quiches and cheese. There will also be Pavlova from New Zealand/Australia and several Japanese dishes for everyone to try. 

Professors Ian Borton and Jennifer Dawson will be contributing an Irish stew, a tasty recipe right from Tully Cross, the Ireland study abroad location. 

Food is not the only contribution to the Global Food Festival. Details are being figured out on some non-food related events, so make sure to come to the event to experience them for yourself. 

Why should you come out to the Global Food Festival? The better question is why not? Free, homemade food, an introduction to different cultures and lots of fun for everyone present. 

According to van Laar, “it is a great way to learn about the different cultures on campus! The food is delicious, not to mention free. Also, if a student is thinking about Study Abroad they can meet students to talk with and learn more in a fun atmosphere!”

Mark your calendars for March 29 at 4 p.m. in Wege Ballroom for an amazing experience.