The Magic of 2023 March Madness and More

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Story by Sports Editor Mark Musgrave III

Unlike last year, where the NCAA March Madness tournament had been a little more predictable, this year was juxtaposed to the complete opposite. Not a single bracket properly predicted this year’s National Championship. Not a single Aquinas student bracket was close either. Only six brackets predicted the final four. And it’s not that we expect our bracket to win. Or maybe we do and it busts day one after the first game. Regardless of how our bracket did, everyone loves a good upset once in a while, and there are certainly always upsets. Purdue was a first round exit losing to FDU, and that game broke every bracket in the book.

This article was written prior to the Men’s National Championship, so no game information can be provided. I’ll call my shot and say UCONN runs away with the win. If they take the L, I’ll die on that hill.

On the Women’s side, Caitlyn Clark, star of Iowa, was the story of the tournament. However, that train died when Iowa fell to LSU in the National Championship by a score of 102-85. This is LSU’s first ever National Title. In her second year back at LSU, Head Coach Kim Mulkey won her first title with the team, and fourth as a coach. Point Guard Alexis Morris had 19 points in the second half. An absolutely stellar performance for the Tigers. 

Photo courtesy of LSU Women’s Basketball on Twitter

Looking into college basketball in the state of Michigan, lots has happened with the Michigan Wolverines Men’s Basketball program after losing in the second round of the tournament. All-Big Ten Conference junior center Hunter Dickinson entered the transfer portal while freshman Jett Howard and sophomore Grand Rapids native Kobe Bufkin declared for the NBA Draft. All eyes are on Head Coach Juwan Howard to see how he handles this change, if he even keeps his job. Some Michigan fans miss John Belein more and more by the minute. The Michigan State Spartans made some progressive improvements this season. Joey Hauser emerged for the team, and they also upset the #2 seeded Marquette Golden Eagles. Tom Izzo, one of the best coaches of all time in college basketball, will continue leading his team into next year to compete for a Big Ten title. 

March Madness 2024 cannot come soon enough!

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