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AQ Senate Race

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Story by Reporter Grace Wilson

In late March, the Aquinas College Student Senate held their Executive Board Elections. AQ Student Senate is “run by the students, for the benefit of the students” according to their Instagram. Members work with the faculty, staff, and students of Aquinas College “to fairly represent the diverse views, needs, and expectations of [the] student body in a Catholic Christian environment.”

AQ Student Senate is made up of an Executive Board, which has a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary, Budget Director, and Academic Affairs Director. Additionally, there are twelve senators, with three representatives from each class. Aquinas students were invited to vote in the general election for their Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary.

In an unopposed election, the AQ Student Senate Chair race went to Kadynce Romijn. Likewise, Fiona Walsh was unopposed in her race and is the AQ Student Senate Secretary.

Samee Teachworth, Mark Musgrave, Katy Totty, and Jean Tissot all ran in the Vice-Chair race. In the end, Jean Tissot received the most votes, and is now the AQ Student Senate Vice-Chair. He campaigned “on improving communication between students, Senate, faculty and staff, and on finding new ways to get more international students.”

The Budget Director and Academic Affairs Director were not voted on by the AQ student body, but rather were interviewed and selected by the newly elected Senate Exec. Board. Katy Totty was picked for the role of Budget Director, and she wants to be involved in helping RSOs achieve their goals. McKenna Kaczor was selected as the Academic Affairs Director. In her role, McKenna wants to help students navigate the new 4 credit model and block schedule while acting as a bridge between students and faculty.

The new Aquinas College Student Senate meets every other Wednesday to talk about their concerns and feedback, and they would love to hear from other students about their time on campus. As one third of the College’s governance, they are eager and ready to help their fellow students with any concerns that may arise.

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