Becoming a Consultant at the Aquinas College Writing Center

The Fall 2022 Writing Center team. Photo courtesy of the Aquinas College Writing Center webpage.

Story by Culture Editor Leah Ash

The Aquinas College Writing Center is a resource utilized and beloved by everyone on campus – students, professors, faculty and more all visit the center with the goal of improving their writing. 

Consultants at the Writing Center are trained on working with all kinds of people on their writing by taking a class on campus. In order to take the class, students must apply and receive a professor recommendation. Class applications are out now for students to take the class in the fall. 

Who should become a consultant in the Aquinas College Writing Center? According to Julie Bevins, the Writing Center Coordinator, “We look for a diversity of majors and academic areas of study to join our Writing Center team because every professional field needs writers and consultants.”

English Majors are not the only ones allowed to work in the Writing Center, so don’t let your major be the one to hold you back. Currently in the Writing Center there are a variety of majors, including Philosophy, Mathematics, Business Administration, Spanish, Biochemistry, Political Science and more. 

Mathematics major Nathan Esch came to the Writing Center after one of his professors, Dr. Michelle DeRose, recommended it to him. He has found working in the Writing Center to be a great opportunity for him as both a STEM major and student in general.

To any other STEM majors considering applying to take the ENGL203: Writing Center Theory and Practice, Esch encourages it: “It’s a great opportunity to develop skills that don’t usually come up in traditional coursework, like interpersonal skills, written communication and thought organization.”

“Students who are interested in writing and communication and literacy would find the work rewarding,” said Bevins. But it doesn’t have to be everything: “Consultants need to have some facility with writing, but they don’t need to love writing or think it is easy or believe they are amazing writers.”

Overall, the Writing Center is a great place for consultants to build professional skills they will use for the rest of their lives. According to Bevins, “We have well over 100 Aquinas College Writing Center consultant alumni now, and many of them have shared testimonials with us to let us know their previous work as consultants in our Writing Center not only helped them secure graduate school placements and jobs but also continues to impact their day-to-day professional and personal lives.”

While the work as a consultant can be challenging at times, the community in the Writing Center is one filled with joy and support, and is very rewarding. If you are interested in taking the first step in becoming a consultant, reach out to Julie Bevins at or fill out the application to take ENGL203 in the fall.