The Case for the 2022 Caped Crusader

Photo by Picography on Pexels.com

Story by Reporter Madeline Campbell

The Batman hit theaters a little over a year ago on March 4th, 2022. I proceeded to watch it three times in theaters, and another 9 times over the course of that year. To say that I enjoy this movie would be a gross understatement. I am obsessed with this movie, and I believe that it is the undisputed best Batman movie ever. Yes, it is better than The Dark Knight. Why? Let me explain. 

Together Director Matt Reeves and Composer Michael Giacchino created an atmospheric, grounded, detective story that featured a man who walked around in a bat cowl and a black cape who did not seem out of place. The cinematography, practical lighting, genius costume design, and emotional score all add up to an immersive exploration of vengeance, orphanhood, and identity. Gotham with its never ending rain and seedy streets is its own character, another sort of orphan who has been forgotten and neglected. It is not another rinse and repeat origin story, although the trauma of Thomas and Martha Wayne’s death is felt through the entire film as Bruce projects his own past and fears onto the Mayor’s son. The Batman explores the relationship between Bruce’s identity and his identity as Batman, as well as the thin line between vigilante and villain. In the film we see Batman develop from a vigilante into a burgeoning hero. This Batman is not static, he is dynamic; growing from a vengeful vigilante that inspires fear, into a figure of hope for the city of Gotham in its time of most dire need. I could write poetry about this movie, and this is only a shallow dip in the sea of perfection that The Batman captured. I look forward to the sequel and its take on Bruce and Batman figuring out a work-life balance. The Batman Part II is not slated until 2025, unfortunately. In preparation I will be watching The Batman another 12 times this year.