The Esports Grand Prix: A Racing Event for All!

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Story by Culture Editor Leah Ash

On Friday, April 28, the Esports team hosted a Mario Kart party in the Moose. Open to everyone on campus, it was a night to relax and scream as players fought for first.

The Esports team had three screens set up and ready to play, with four Joy-cons on each. After each Grand Prix, players would switch out for others to play.

When not playing, there were a variety of cookies and pink lemonade to enjoy as you watched your friends furiously fling shells at each other with the hopes of passing them, determined to beat them. 

 According to William Wolf, they held the game night because “Everyone can play Mario Kart and it’s fun.”

The event was plenty of fun for everyone. One attendee, Meridian Pearson, said, “I thought it was super fun. It was like having a game night with friends!”

As the last week of classes begins and exams quickly approach, the timing for this game night was perfect. It was a chance to spend a couple of hours just relaxing and playing games before diving into hours of studying to come. 

As the night went on, there were some memorable moments, like when Steven Figge shouted “That Shy Guy was doing donuts in the parking lot!”

In addition to the gaming trash talk, there was plenty of chill chatting going on. Discussions about Disney movies, life after graduation and complaining about exams were abundant. 

Keep an eye out for game nights next year: they are fun nights for everyone, not just the Esports team!