GR-Eat: Pizza with an East Coast twist

Story by Mariah Cowsert

One of my favorite places to eat in Grand Rapids whether it be a Saturday night, exam cram week, or after a show at the theatre has always been Cult Pizza. Their welcoming atmosphere, enticing aroma, and well-made pizza is a staple for any college student looking to break the monotony of calling a chain pizza provider and venturing from their sometimes entrapping dorm, which is as easy as hopping a ride on the rapid or carpooling with some friends.

Cult Pizza is a farm-to-table restaurant, located on Jefferson Avenue, that specializes in thin crust east-coast style pizza that is hand made with ingredients produced and sold in West Michigan. They opened their doors to the Grand Rapids community in 2013 with white walls, black tables, and vivid artwork contrasting the simplicity of the restaurant. They list where they buy their produce, meat, cheese, and flour on their website to make their local support as transparent as possible. Cult Pizza has also been named one of the 21 best pizza places in Michigan by Thrillist, a website dedicated to sharing food, travel, and fun across the country.

They have an ever changing chalkboard daily menu featured in store and posted regularly on their Facebook page which showcases delicious options for herbivores and carnivores alike. They offer a vegan option for each special they post on the board, my favorite being the vegan cheese pizza with kale and tempeh bacon. They also have build your own pizza options to cater to your taste buds’ needs and also offer gluten free options to make sure each customer is happy while providing for those with food allergies.

Supporting Cult Pizza gives back to the West Michigan community as the store is worker-owned and is the sister-store of Bartertown Diner, located next door on Jefferson Avenue. Bartertown offers vegan and vegetarian diner food using seasonal ingredients, providing healthy comfort food for Grand Rapids residents. Both Cult Pizza and Bartertown Diner debuted a revamped look this spring as they now display new murals decorating their walls and an open floor plan.

To get a taste of Cult Pizza for yourself, give them a visit at 10 Jefferson Avenue or call to see if they deliver in your area. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for daily specials and deals featured throughout the week.

About the Writer…mariah

Mariah Cowsert is a junior studying Communication with a Theatre Emphasis and English. She has been writing for The Saint since last fall and is excited to continue doing what she loves. In her free time she enjoys running, acting and technical theatre involvement, painting, talking in third person for bios, and reading.

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