The Fever Haze dances with fate in new album release

Story by Mariah Cowsert

Artist: The Fever Haze
Genre: Rock and Roll, Indie Rock
Comparisons: The Black Keys,The Raconteurs,
My Morning Jacket
Popular Tracks: “Daddy-O”, “So What? (if I’m In love With Your Sister)”
“I Can’t Adjust”, “Nose Rings”

Electricity sparked at the album release show for Dear Fate at The Pyramid Scheme on June 3, premiering the newest tunes from local rock band The Fever Haze. After getting teary-eyed during the special guest openers: All is Well, Good Day Good Sir, and Bears & Company and dancing between sets, I was ready to hear the hard work and exuberant talent the Fever Haze had to offer.

With a new five-piece lineup consisting of: Eric Beck, Mike Greene, Jake Kalmink, Jimmy Versluis, and Nick Richardson, their new music differs from their previous album I’ll Be In The Same Place You Left Me as they change their sound from a more folk based rock to rock and roll. Jake Kalmink, guitarist and lead vocalist, says that “everyone now writes their own parts, rather than me telling them what to do, and I think it really pays off. Collaboration is a great way to make music. People come up with ideas you’d never have thought of, and it changes the sound drastically, and with the right people, in a very good and unique way” and that they’re “excited to move on and already are planning a bunch of new material.”

Kalmink also recorded, mixed, and mastered the entire album through Triple Deke Records and shares that “working with Triple Deke is great. Scott (Owner, TDR) has been nothing but a great friend and colleague of ours, and he does his best to get the word out about us and our music, and it really shows. We’d not be where we are today without him.”

During the recording process the band “went up to a cabin about a month before recording the actual album and just spent time together away from everything” which Kalmink says “the new, hopefully permanent, lineup really has locked in as friends, as coworkers, and as musical partners” making collaboration smoother and visibly working in their favor as they welcome in more members to their fan base.

Kalmink says one of his favorite sounds in Dear Fate is heard in the album’s starting track, “You’ve Got The Money,” which kicks it off with a “really big, almost gospel sounding organ part” and also shares that “Alex Perez, a former guitarist, also did lead guitar parts in harmony with Nick, and I think it gives it a really cool and unique sound.”

You can experience the electricity of The Fever Haze live this month at one of their shows which can be found on their website or Facebook page. Dear Fate is available on ITunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, or by purchasing a physical copy or pre-ordering an exclusive vinyl version of the album through the Triple Deke Records website.

About the Writer…mariah

Mariah Cowsert is a junior studying Communication with a Theatre Emphasis and English. She has been writing for The Saint since last fall and is excited to continue doing what she loves. In her free time she enjoys running, acting and technical theatre involvement, painting, talking in third person for bios, and reading.

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