A look into the Campaign Trail: Presidential Race 2016

Story by Mariah Cowsert

As the 2016 presidential election campaigns grow, the easiest and most efficient way to research on one of the bidders listed for the election is to read up on their policies, watch videos of their speeches, and see how they interact with others on social media, as television ads can be misleading or bias. While the republican party has a total of 16 people (as of now) running for an election bid, the democratic party has only five leaders that has stood out and put their policies on the table for voters.

The Republican leaders include: Jeb Bush (former Florida Governor), Ben Carson (retired neurosurgeon), Chris Christie (New Jersey Governor), Ted Cruz (United States Senator), Carly Fiorina (former business executive), Lindsey Graham (United States Senator), Mike Huckabee and so on. The Democratic party leaders  include: Hillary Clinton (former Secretary of State), Martin O’Malley (former Maryland Governor), Bernie Sanders (United States Senator), Jim Webb (former United States Senator), and Lincoln Chafee (former Rhode Island Governor). Other candidates include; Bobby Jindal (Louisiana  Governor), John Kasich (Ohio Governor), George Pataki (former New York Governor), Rand Paul (United States Senator), Rick Perry (former Texas Fovernor), Marco Rubio (United States Senator), Rick Santorum (former United States Senator), Donald Trump (real estate mogul), and Scott Walker (Wisconsin Governor).

While there are many Republican bid candidates, Donald Trump has swooped in like a hawk in a toupee and taken a stride in the Republican party although his racist statements and uncivilized social media posts have lost him several huge sponsors. According to Forbes, Trump has so far lost business with: Serta, Macy’s, NBCUniversal, Perfumania, PGA, ESPN, and more. Even though he is digging a hole for himself via social media and has contradictory statements used in his campaigning, he has surged to 18 percent in the polls with Bush in second at 15 percent, Walker at 10 percent and Cruz sitting behind him at seven, according to BreitBart Business News.

With the changes in the republican party polls and candidates, we also see shifts in the democratic campaigns as Bernie Sanders narrows the gap between his campaign efforts and former secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Clinton is struggling with campaigning due to her e-mail controversy shadowing her efforts as she will publicly testify before the House Select Committee on Benghazi on Oct. 22.

Sanders has grabbed the attention of college students and the working class as he is an advocate for a raise in the minimum wage, debt-free college plans, and charging taxes on wall street to ensure social security is available for more years to come. According to MSNBC, 11,000 people attended a Sanders campaign rally in Phoenix which is his largest turnout yet this election season.

No matter where you stand in this election, as we start to see campaign uproar and increased awareness on each candidate’s policies, we need to educate ourselves on who is in the running to lead our country. Our generation is the largest group of voters and most skilled in social media and technology which we can use to our advantage in researching to gain knowledge on candidates and promoting what we stand for.

About the Writer…mariah

Mariah Cowsert is a junior studying Communication with a Theatre Emphasis and English. She has been writing for The Saint since last fall and is excited to continue doing what she loves. In her free time she enjoys running, acting and technical theatre involvement, painting, talking in third person for bios, and reading.

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