AQ Men’s Soccer brings the heat

Story by Haley Brink, Staff Writer
Photo courtesy: Andris Visockis

This year will be a knockout for the Aquinas Men’s Soccer team. The boys are back and ready to compete. Every year there is a new challenge, and every year there is a strength. This year, the team is ready to find out what those challenges and strengths are.

Last year, there were a large number of incoming freshmen joining the team. That didn’t hold them back though as the team was as tight as a knot by the end of the season.

The 2014 season was started off right with six straight wins in a row against Cleary, Roosevelt, Xavier, Goshen, St. Francis (Ill.), and St. Francis (Ind.). The winning streak was followed by a hand full of losses to Indiana Wesleyan, Bethel, a tie against Cornerstone, a loss against Madonna, Northwestern Ohio, and Lawrence Tech. Then the team defeated Dearborn, and had another big win against Davenport. The Davenport win was a big deal for the team. Then there was a loss against Marygrove, a win against Indiana Tech, another loss against Concordia, and a win versus Siena Heights.

Then, the team went on to win 2-0 at the WHAC Tournament Quarterfinals at Marygrove. The Quarterfinals brought everybody’s spirits up. The season was nearing an end, and the team was ready for the Semifinals. Though, unfortunately, the team suffered a loss of 4-2 at the WHAC Tournament Semifinals at Northwestern Ohio.

Though the Semifinals were over, the team can look back at the season and remember a lot of great wins. Last season brought out a lot of great memories for all of the players, and the team was sad to see the seniors go. But with every senior that leaves, there is room for a new upcoming player. And new players always bring the team together to create an entirely new bond.

The way the team is structured changes every year due to the shifting of players, and Aquinas students are all excited to see how the team works together to move forward this season. So make sure to get out there and support the team this season!

About the Writer…

Haley Brink

 Haley Brink is a biology and environmental studies major. She loves to hike and hammock. Coffee is her life and she has two goldfish named JayZ and Beyoncé.

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