A Man of Many Mics: Meet Jacob Ringer

Story by Natalie Przybyla, Staff Writer

Jacob Ringer’s name is only a title to his many chapters. This AQ junior is a musician, YouTuber, Orientation Leader, Student Senator of the class of 2017 and pop-culture fanatic. He is also an expert at putting smiles on faces and skips in people’s strides.

Courtesy Taylor Orr

Courtesy Taylor Orr

I think I am who I am today because of my parents,” Ringer says. “From a young age, they always supported me fully and told me to never give up!”

Ringer is hopeful for his future and respectful of where he came from. From a tiny town called Tecumseh, Michigan, Ringer found his voice both in a literal and figurative sense. One of his many proud moments was when he sang in a musical and had a solo in choir his senior year of high school. Aside from that, Ringer is a very open and eccentric person who tends to laugh off his embarrassments and make the best of situations.

Ringer’s bubbly and confident personality can easily be uncloaked by his work within Aquinas as a Student Senator and Orientation Leader. He loves to interact with others and meet new friends. Ringer plans to become involved in more clubs and activities within the 2015-2016 school year in order to broaden his experiences and expand his relationships with others.

Although he is socially involved at AQ, being a vocalist is Ringer’s top talent and passion. As a music minor, Ringer is able to expand his knowledge of music while having time to create some of his own. He can be found through his Soundcloud under the pseudo-name “Jakub Ringer.” Ringer released his most recent mixtape in early July of 2015, which includes fantastic original tracks with a cool summer feel. He leaks that his next mixtape will be released sometime in November.

Ringer plans to use his YouTube channel as an online journal and an outlet for his musical abilities. Ringer has been involved in it for years, but he only started making his vlog-style videos in January of 2015. Ringer’s most popular video is a cover he and a friend sang of “Up” by Olly Murs (ft. Demi Lovato), which got over 13,000 views.

“I learned that strangers are actually pretty cool most of the time,” Ringer states about the YouTube community, “I met this really cool lady who lives in New York City… We plan to collaborate in the fall!”

Finally, as a seasoned veteran of AQ, Ringer wants to let incoming first years know, “Aquinas will be your home away from home if you let it. My first couple weeks here were ROUGH to say the least, but I put myself out there, got out of my shell, and made some lifelong friends.”
Ringer says he is still growing as a person and wants to continue breaking his shell. He sees himself being successful in the future: trying new foods, meeting new people, and simply living life.

About the Writer…

Natalie Przybyla, Staff WriterNatalie Przybyla is a sophomore Women’s Studies major and loves music, art, feminism, and meeting new people. She likes to think of herself like Kanye West thinks about himself.

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