A Star in the Making: The Journey of Stephen Wright

Story by Carlos Hernandez & Mayra Monroy, Saint Reporter and Editor-in-Chief

Steve Photo

Courtesy Stephen Wright

At the completion of his Bachelor’s of Arts Degree this year, senior Stephen Wright will have earned his keep in theatre, philosophy and political science. Wright has been working hard to keep up on his studies and applying what he knows in his life. One such example is his latest project, Journey to the Stars, a play in which he wrote, produced, acted in and directed. The play ran on July 9 and July 12 at Dog Story Theatre, located downtown Grand Rapids.

Journey to the Stars is a children’s comedy about a young man who wishes for a fun adventure from his otherwise boring life and captures the attention of the Moon and a star, who want him to determine who is more beautiful. Once bribed by the beings, he makes off with their gifts, which upsets them, causing the Sun to awaken and unleash his anger. The play was well received by the audience and only the start of many more pieces of work to be expected of Wright.

Aside from writing, Wright is an active performer, having been in over thirty productions in his lifetime, including eight Aquinas shows and several various on-campus productions. His love for acting and performing has driven him to an impressive record of performances such as his recent acting with the Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company. He also founded a local theatre company called 1yr, with the company’s goal to produce five different plays in one year. Though the company is new, Wright’s energy has been directed into producing a play that the entire community will enjoy.

Through creative integrity, insight and promise, Wright enters his final year at Aquinas College.

“The plays I was in and friends I made, friendships that deepened doing theater are particularly special,” said Wright. “Learning a great deal about political science, life, and theory made me recognize many of the problems that exist in the world. And it was humbling.”

With years of experience on the college campus and off of it, Wright shares his insight for the class of 2019 with a simple “get involved.” Whether that’s clubs, friends, skills, Wright is an advocate for a full college experience. For upcoming or current students considering theater as a major or extracurricular, Wright has a simple mantra for you: breathe.

“It impacts the internal life of characters you will play and their movements,” said Wright. “Breathing keeps you alive…altering its rhythm and depth and intensity.”
As a man who wears many hats, Wright has accumulated a spectrum of knowledge and friendships that have lasted him and shall continue.

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