ArtPrize takes over Grand Rapids for a seventh year

By Tamara Tiethoff, Saint Reporter
Photo courtesy of MLive

It is nearly impossible to miss the intricate mural hanging on the wall in our very own Grace Hauenstein Library. With only one step into the building, anyone can tell the beauty and detail is memorizing. The 28-foot wide pencil drawing was the 2010 ArtPrize Winner. ArtPrize is a world-wide art competition that takes place during the fall months right in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Hundreds of artists from all around the world submit their artwork for thousands of people to admire and vote on.

There are several different categories that each art piece could fall into. There are entries that are 2D and involve things like painting, drawing, photography, and printmaking; as well as 3D entries that involve sculptures and things that can be viewed from several different angles. Moreover, there is an installation art which is where the entry depends on the location it is placed at. Although it seems like it could fall under 3D art, the location of the piece would change the art drastically. This year will be the seventh annual ArtPrize which  will start on Wednesday, September 23, at 9 a.m. and run through Sunday, October 11.

Along with three square miles of art, there will be live music, theatre and comedy performances, food trucks, panel discussions on various topics, and even movie showings at the Ladies’ Literary Club downtown. At the end of the 19 days, one piece of art will be deemed the winner of the competition and receive prize money. Winners are determined by both Public Vote and Juried Awards. Each year, half a million dollars in cash prizes are awarded to winners.

ArtPrize is about much more than the money distributed through. It is an event that draws people from all around the world and brings them together in many different ways. Over the weeks, 162 local businesses will act as the venues for the art. Some of the most popular venues that will be hosting art this year are the Blue Bridge, The B.O.B, the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, Grand Valley State University, and The Grand Rapids Children’s Museum.

The full list of venues and the art that will be displayed inside them is listed on the ArtPrize website. Each piece of artwork is extremely different from the next and has its own unique touch. So gather your family and friends and explore the beauties of creativity as you admire over 1,500 works of art.

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