Circle Theatre closes season with sensational production

Story by Alyssa Coakley, Saint Reporter
Photo courtesy of Circle Theatre

The swingin’ 60’s was in full force with the bouncy music and fun dance numbers from the cast of Catch Me If You Can. The show is a  musical adaption of the Steven Spielberg movie from 2002 with the same name, that brought to life the story of a 16 year old boy named Frank Abegnale Jr. who runs away from his divorcing parents and pursues a life on the run.

The anti-hero Abegnale Jr., played by the charming Kyle Jurassic, opens the show with the catchy “Live in Living Color” which sets the tone for the fun journey ahead and includes the first dance number with the lively dancers that don’t miss a step through the whole show. The show was also full of costume changes that reflected 1960’s fashion and the flashy and colorful nature of the show.

“The Pinstripes Are All That They See” and “Butter Outta Cream” gives an introduction to Frank’s scheming father, played by Dave Duien, and his influence on his son.

With the powerful performance from Frank Abegnale Sr. in “Someone Else’s Skin” the audience sees his vulnerability and gets the audience to start rooting for him.

“Don’t Break the Rules” is a standout and engaging performance from Todd Lewis as Carl Hanratty, the work obsessed FBI agent.  Then “Christmas is My Favorite Time of Year” shows beautifully the connection between Hanratty and Frank. Their loneliness makes you feel for both characters even though they are working against each other.

Frank’s mother Paula Abegnale, played by Laine Allen, gives a convincing performance in “Don’t Be a Stranger” as a mother who misses her son and is still proud even though he took after his father as a con man.

“Seven Wonders” one of the few songs featuring the talented Molly Jones as Brenda Strong, the love interest of Frank and delivers a performance that is believable in wanting  Frank to stop running and start a family, but we are still reminded that he is living a lie.

Molly Jones gives the most standout performance and most talked about performance of the evening with “Fly, Fly Away” a heartbreaking song about Frank coming back to her someday.

The best performance from Jurassic was during “Goodbye” a bittersweet and emotional song about the end of his performance and wanting it all to end. Hanratty brings the dream of saying goodbye to an end with arresting Frank. “Stuck Together (Strange But True) gives a hilarious and clever end to the show with Hanratty promising Frank a job when he gets out of prison.

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