Detroit Tigers: Hoping for a change

Story by Zoe Harmon, Staff Writer
Photo Courtesy of Corey Seeman

“Keep your eye on the ball.” This seems like a simple concept, something that nearly anyone could do. But then again, maybe not everyone. The Detroit Tigers have had a rough season to this point, despite their previous success.

In the 2014 season, the Tigers had 90 wins and 72 losses. They won the American League (AL) Central division, ending one game ahead of the Kansas City Royals, which made them the first Tigers team to win four consecutive AL Central titles. Rick Porcello, Justin Verlander, and Max Scherzer were all key bullpen players that aided in the successful season. With such a rewarding 2014 season, the Detroit Tigers had high hopes for 2015.

Unfortunately, the luck has not been on their side. Currently, the Tigers have over ten more loses than wins and can not seem to put together a winning streak. They are 19 games behind the American League Central-leading Kansas City Royals. In the last series they played against the Minnesota Twins, the Tigers were only able to win one out of three games. In the first game of the series, the team lost seven to one, being simply outhit by the Twins. Within the first three innings, Twins player Joe Mauer had already documented three hits. This alone was a clear sign that the winds were not blowing the Tigers’ way.

Unfortunately, the Tigers have had some trouble in the bullpen. After losing a solid arm, Max Scherzer (who was traded to the Washington Nationals), and having Justin Verlander and Daniel Norris on the disabled list for a portion of the season, it has been tough for them to build a strong pitching lineup. Not to mention, Anibal Sanchez is currently being sidelined for a possible injury. The Tigers pitching staff has an earned-run-average of 4.78, which is nothing to write home about. Overall, the Tigers have the worst pitching staff in the American League.

Despite the team hardships, the Detroit Tigers still hold some of the best players in Major League Baseball. One of these players is Miguel Cabrera. He is currently one of seven finalists for the 2015 Marvin Miller Man of the Year award and one of 30 finalists for the 2015 Roberto Clemente Award. The Marvin Miller award is given to a player who “inspires others to higher levels of achievement by their on-field performances and contributions to their communities.” The Roberto Clemente Award is given to a player “who best represents the game of baseball through positive contributions on and off the field, including sportsmanship and community involvement.”

Not only is Cabrera a model player, but he is also a killer athlete. His current batting average is .336, even with an 0 for 19 slump, which is pretty impressive. Slumps can really hurt a player’s mental and numerical game, but with Cabrera’s history of solid hitting, there is no doubt he will bounce out of it. Cabrera is in his eighth season with the Tigers and has a season batting average of .321.

Even though the Detroit Tigers have had a less-than-impressive season, the team still has the loyalty of Michigan fans. After all, they are used to this scenario on the football side. Hopefully the Tigers pull through, finish the season strong, and look to make some important trades in the off-season.

About the writer…

Zoe Harmon, Staff WriterZoe Harmon is in her final year at Aquinas College, majoring in Sports Management/Business Administration and minoring in Communication. Zoe is a member of the Sports Management Club where she serves on the board as Treasurer.She is also a Disney College Program Alumni after spending 7 months in Orlando. Zoe has a great passion for travel and health/fitness and in her free time, she enjoys hiking adventures, biking, and spending time with her friends and family.

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