Rock the Block brings fun and live music to Cook Carriage House

Story by Liz Ptaszynski, Staff Writer
Photo courtesy of Paulina Pei

Autumn has arrived. The leaves are beginning to change, the air has that familiar crisp bite to it, Starbucks has brought back the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte (and my wallet will surely suffer from it) and not to mention Aquinas had their annual Rock the Block Event.

Dozens of students poured out from their dorms to watch their fellow classmates take the stage and showcase their talents last Friday, September 18.  Hosted by Residence Life, the event took place at the Cook Carriage House and offered free food and great entertainment by AQ’s finest. The night began with free pizza and the lovely vocals of sophomore Olivia Vargas. Reigning AQ Idol, Vargas sang some old favorites but with a twist. Joining her on stage for back up vocals were first-year Alexa Rumohr and sophomore Kelsey Feutz, while first-year Lee Burke took to the banjo and the slap box. Together they set the tone for the night and had the whole room tapping their feet and singing along to covers.

Following Vargas, was senior Chris Eggenberger. While strumming on his guitar, Eggenberger gave the audience the perfect coffee house blend of folk and harmony. The crowd couldn’t help but be drawn during his cover of George Ezra’s “Budapest” and they were carried away as his velvet vocals sang each note perfectly and with ease. Next up was first year Kevion Morse. When Morse entered the stage he easily captured the attention of everyone in the room. He started off his set with a couple poems that seemed to entrance the crowd. As his set continued he began to rap and commanded the stage in the best way possible. His lyrics reflected life lessons and moral messages that seemed to linger long after the music was over. With such great stage presence, he gave the crowd an intimate feel as if he was speaking to just them. The good times didn’t stop there. As students munched on delicious subs from Jimmy Johns and Yesterdog, Velcrofibs took the stage. As always the band took the room by storm and sang some crowd favorites along with some new ones that can be found on their newest album, In Transit. After Velcrofibs, Long Term Access was up. The room bobbed along as alumnus Tom Carr sang some original punk vocals and junior Mike Pierce led each song in crushing guitar harmony. Each song meshed so well together that by the time their set was over you were left wanting more.

The last to take the stage was DJ and junior Ben Walton. No one was left sitting in the room when he started his set. Each song encouraged everyone to get up and dance. With such uplifting beats it was impossible not to have a great time to his music.

Rock the Block is all about getting carried away by the music and watching your fellow classmates perform songs that they’ve worked hard on. With each musician that took the stage the room was captivated and left feeling proud–these aren’t just celebrities, these are kids that you have class with, you see them at Wege, or even just around campus. They are your friends and your neighbors, and most of all they are Saints, and that’s the AQ difference.

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