Whitecaps Winning

Story by Haley Brink, Staff Writer
Photo Courtesy of Josh May

The Whitecaps started their 2015 season off by postponing their first game against Dayton due to rain, which they ended up losing by 4. Later in the day, though, they won against Dayton 13-3. Then, they proceeded to lose 3 days in a row to Great Lakes, but that didn’t get them down. The rest of their season was about evenly won and lost.

One exciting name popped up on the roster recently–Jon Lester’s little brother. He’s only played in a handful of games with the Whitecaps, but if he’s anything like his brother, he’ll blossom into a pretty good player in a matter of time.

Josh Lester is 21 years old, and was chosen in the thirteenth round of the draft. He has only had 3 runs in his career with the Whitecaps, but here is the kicker: all three of his runs were home runs. On that note, perhaps he will get snatched up by the Detroit Tigers relatively soon.

In other news, the Whitecaps are second in their division only to the Fort Wayne TinCaps. They have clinched their playoff berth, with the wildcard seed of the Eastern half of the Midwest league. They’ve won their last two games, and are 6-4 on their last ten games.

The Whitecaps are currently below average in batting. The earned run average (ERA) of the team for pitching is 3.48. Their walks plus hits per inning pitched (WHIP) is 1.29 teamwide. Their average is .255, which is pretty average for their league. Their on base plus slugging (OPS) is .676 and that is slightly below average for their league.

According to the stats, they are technically below average for their league. But they somehow managed to make it to the playoffs–which will bring on a pretty interesting outcome. The playoffs are happening right now, and unfortunately they lost their first game against Cedar Rapids 5-0.

On Thursday, August 17, the Whitecaps started playing in the championship round, winning against Cedar Rapids 4-1.

Kade Scivicque struck out in the bottom of the first inning, and Will Kengor struck out in the bottom of the second inning. There were some good hits in the third inning by David Gonzalez, Ross Kivett, and A.J. Simcox. Then, in the seventh inning, Scivicque got walked. By the end of the game, the Whitecaps had pulled through.

Cedar Rapids won the first game by a score of 5-0, while the Whitecaps took game two by a score of 4-0. The Whitecaps lost game three, but rebounded by winning the next two games to take home the Midwest League Championship.

About the Writer…

Haley Brink, Staff Writer

Haley Brink is a Sustainable Business major with minors in communications and writing. She is passionate about the environment and how she can make an impact on the way people treat the world they live in. She someday hopes to learn to photosynthesize. She also enjoys attempting to recreate foods she finds on Pinterest.

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