Women’s Soccer: Strong as ever

Story by Zach Balzer, Saint Reporter
Photo Courtesy of Andris Visockis 

The Aquinas Women’s Soccer Team is still going strong as they delve deeper into their season. After winning by forfeit against Cleary University, they went up against the women’s soccer team of Ferris State University, a D2 school and lost by a score of 1-0, making it a close game by anyone’s count.

“The coaching staff was pleased with how the team performed against Ferris,” said head coach Rodger Garner. “They played exactly to the specifications of  the game plan and they could have easily won.”

While the team has been plagued with injuries, players have been asked to take certain roles upon themselves that are different from what they are use to. Everyone only asks how they can help the team without giving their individual needs another thought. Elevating them from a team to a family.

Coach Garner continued in his praise of the team, saying how “he has become impressed with their mentality.”

“They have really come together, not just on the field, but socially and academically as well,” said team manager, Cari Jarvis.“In times of emotional distress, the support and love that exist between each player is truly the glue that binds them together.”

This team has come together and bonded in the face of adversity both on and off the field.

“When they are on the field, they play not for their own individual glory, but for each other,” said coach Scott Green.

Now if the challenges of the upcoming months are anything to go by, they will have to trust in the strength of that bond. Some of these challenges will come in the form of Indiana Tech and the University of Northwestern Ohio, who was a national runner-up last year. Of course there is also the big game against Davenport, which will surely bring out many supporters from both the Aquinas staff and student body.

The Indiana Tech game will take place during homecoming at Aquinas on September 26 at 1p.m. while the game against the University of Northwestern Ohio will be at home on September 30 at 4p.m. Finally, the Davenport game will be at 7p.m. on October 21 on Aquinas’s home field. Make sure to come on out and support your Aquinas Women’s Soccer Team!

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