Artist Spotlight: Long Term Access

Story by Liz Ptaszynski, Staff Writer
Photo courtesy of Long Term Access

The definition of music varies from person to person. Some might claim it as nothing more than background noise while others believe it to be a way of life. Plato once said, “Music is moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”

When put like this, music sounds nothing but pure magic. It gives it a whimsical feeling as if it is capable of more than just sending sound waves through a speaker. To me, that’s what music should be.

For those of you who may not have experienced this majestic feeling after listening to a song off Pandora or Spotify I would suggest you check out Long Term Access. Founded in February 2015, this group came together to create a sound that is purely unique. The name should sound familiar to you. Just two weeks ago, they put on an amazing show here at Aquinas for Rock the Block and is made up of some of Aquinas’s most talented musicians. Recent graduate Tom Carr delivers us songs that pack a punch using a velvety grunge voice while John Johnson incorporates some jazz on his bass, Josh Kirby gives us a beat we can bob our heads to on drums, while Mike Pierce ties it all together on guitar.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this band (other than their sound), is their actual name. When asked how such a unique name was created they explained it was a response to constantly getting into trouble for rehearsing in the AMC when they don’t have LTA for the building. So to fix that, they decided to call themselves that. If that scenario, doesn’t explain their overall easy going demeanor than several songs on their newest EP The Family will do the trick.

Released last July, this collection of songs delivers everything from laughs to heartfelt choruses. One of the highlights of the EP is definitely “Mistakes.” The song is told in story format over a beat that mirrors classic Weezer. Mike Pierce’s talents really shine through this song when he gives a crushing guitar solo. This is the type of song that the Punk in you will be tapping your toes and singing along to loud and proud. Though the lyrics are goofy and are guaranteed to make you laugh, they are still tied together with a relatable chorus.

“Most of the songs we write our very personal and have deep, secret, meanings that we don’t always share with others but still have open lyrics so people can relate to them,” said Pierce when asked what their writing style was like.

However this band isn’t all fun and games. In their song The Family they display a softer more serious side to them showing how versatile they can be. Overall this is a band to check out. It’s the perfect music to throw on after a long day of classes and you want to unwind and be yourself. Through catchy beats and comical lyrics this band will certainly give soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to your life and to everything, just the way Plato said music should be.

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