Detroit Tigers: Disappointing Season

Story by Zoe Harmon, Staff Writer
Photo Courtesy of Mike Boening Photography

The end is near. For the Detroit Tigers that is. As October begins, so do the playoffs for Major League Baseball (MLB), a site that the Tigers will not be seeing this season. Unfortunately, the team has had a tough year, with a win-loss record of 73-85. This will be the first time in four years that the Tigers will not be playing in the post-season.

Despite the overall team unfavorable season, Tigers outfielder, J.D. Martinez, recently celebrated a significant accomplishment. In a game versus the Texas Rangers, Martinez surpassed 100 runs-batted-in (RBIs). This made him the first Tigers outfielder to do so since 2008 when Magglio Ordonez accomplished this feat. Martinez was happy to finally live up to his potential and quiet his fans and peers that would not stop talking about his RBIs. What’s next for him? Surpassing 40 home runs. On the night of his RBI accomplishment, Martinez hit his 38th. It is certainly attainable, even with such few games remaining.

With a disappointing season almost behind them, the Tigers organization looks to accomplish three objectives in the off-season. The first, and possibly the most important, is to add two starting pitchers. Between injuries and trades, pitching was a huge struggle for the team this season, which is why the second objective relates to the bullpen as well.

The second objective is to get two new relievers. Just as they struggled with starters, the team also struggled with relievers, making for a complete disaster on the pitching end. To fill all of the pitching positions, the organization will be active in the fight for free agents, but is also open to trading. Finally, the last objective is to deal with the father/son situation. To explain, Alex Avila’s (catcher) father, Al Avila was promoted to general manager this year, following Dave Dombrowski being fired. This situation creates a unique struggle when it comes to the idea that Alex Avila is in competition for the catcher position with James McCann. McCann, who many think will be an All-Star-caliber catcher someday, currently holds the starting position. It may be in the best interest of the team for Alex to leave as a free-agent, allowing for separation of family and for him to get a fresh start somewhere new.

As for now, the Tigers organization and the many fans will have to come to the reality that the end is near. The 2015 season was certainly a struggle, making it even more important for the organization to add key players to their bullpen and step up their game for the 2016 season.

About the Writer…

Zoe Harmon, Staff WriterZoe Harmon is in her final year at Aquinas College, majoring in Sports Management/Business Administration and minoring in Communication. Zoe is a member of the Sports Management Club where she serves on the board as Treasurer.She is also a Disney College Program Alumni after spending 7 months in Orlando. Zoe has a great passion for travel and health/fitness and in her free time, she enjoys hiking adventures, biking, and spending time with her friends and family.

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