Savory Saints: Real Food Cafe LLC

Story by Natalie Jo Przybyla, Staff Writer 
Photo courtesy of Natalie Przybyla

At 7 a.m., not a lot happens. The sun, especially in October, is hardly visible at that time, if at all. The birds are just starting to chirp, but the brisk morning keeps them from being too vocal. Cars are much less bustling and traffic slows to a steady flow like thick, cold honey.

But one thing does happen at 7 a.m. Real Food Cafe opens its door to the hungry public, and clouds of the aroma of warm breakfast fill the chilly air. Regulars are everywhere and the open kitchen makes it easy for the cooks to talk directly to the customers. Waitresses dressed in black shirts and white aprons walk up and down the long diner.

Neon lights, a few trinkets, and plenty framed photographs dress the walls. Customers sit at booths, tables, and at a bar. The smell of pancakes, pastries, fried eggs, onions and potatoes explode throughout Real Food Cafe. Conversation among familiar faces plays like music across the room. Real Food Cafe felt like walking into a small town from the blue morning.

I decided I would have eggs benedict and potatoes with a coffee. My waitress was very attentive and polite to me as well as others who were working. The service was swift— although I was sitting at the bar right next to the stoves because it looked like where I would see the most meals. But I saw a lot of meals go out and plates that were practically licked clean going off tables.

Then my meal came. I took a sip of my coffee and a gulp of my water as I looked upon the freshly cooked crispy potatoes and the perfectly poached eggs that sat upon my toasty English muffin. I never thought I would see the sunrise like that.

The potatoes were expertly cooked— crispy on the outside and buttery on the inside. While the hollandaise complemented the eggs and English muffins beautifully and with a bit more zing than I’ve had before. The whole bus ride over, I was informed by the driver that it was one of her favorite breakfast places. I understand what she meant when I took a bite for myself.

My meal from Real Food Cafe was excellent. The service was incredible and the staff was friendly and ready to converse with customers for any need they may have or just for a conversation. Real Food Cafe’s atmosphere was happy and was a very family-friendly place with many regulars. Hours are from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday thru Sunday. The closest of the two Real Food Cafe’s is on Eastern Ave. I’ll be sure to visit again to try the pancakes.

About the Writer…

Natalie Przybyla, Staff WriterNatalie Przybyla is a sophomore Women’s Studies major and loves music, art, feminism, and meeting new people. She likes to think of herself like Kanye West thinks about himself.

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