Who is Bethany? Find out Oct. 8 – 11

Story by Valentina Garcia, The Saint Reporter
Photo courtesy of AQ Theatre

What is Bethany about? This is currently the best guarded secret on campus, but don’t let the mystery keep you away or you will regret it.

Bethany is a play about life dealing you hardships. As described by Kendra McInerney, a senior who plays the main character, Crystal, Bethany is a social issues play told as a story. The play is directed by Associate Professor of Theatre, Randy Wyatt and was written by Laura Marks.

It takes place in 2009, in the midst of the foreclosure crisis. Due to the crisis, 35,000 people were left without a home. They didn’t choose homelessness, but were thrown into it all the same. The circumstances they lived through were not sought after, and they can still happen to everybody and anybody. Bethany is about being dealt a hardship and doing your best to overcome it.

The main character is strong and independent. Crystal is a divorced woman who lost her house and is getting life worked out. Everything Crystal goes through is not her fault, although some of the characters in the play may believe so. It is clear by the conversations she has with others that no one truly knows what Crystal is going through. Only the audience has an insight to her story.

So, #whoisbethany? There is a Gary, played by Eric Hand (AQ hopeful); a Charlie, played by Aaron Skorka (junior); a Toni, played by Zoe Collenburg (junior); a Shannon, played by Mariah Cowsert (junior); and a Patricia, played by Jessi Towell (senior). That’s right, no Bethany. And yet without Bethany, there would not be a play.

 All of the play members had some connection to their characters which I believe makes their acting even more heartfelt. McInerney is not new to overcoming; she has a nine month old baby named Aria and maintains a 4.0 GPA.

A lot happens in this play, yet it only lasts an hour and has no intermission. Expect crying, laughter, and the feeling that the story does not end when the cast bows.  

The play opens October 8 and will go on until the 11. You won’t want to miss the special performance on October 9 at 8:00 pm, after which there will be a talk back with director Randy Wyatt and other faculty members. This is a great opportunity to share feelings about the play and get questions answered; be assured you will have questions to ask.

Grab your tickets at the AQ box office or call (616) 456-6656. This is AQ’s first main stage production of the year.

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