Women’s Lacrosse: More than just a game

Story by Taylor Hodges, Sports Editor
Photo Courtesy of Andris Visockis

The Aquinas women’s lacrosse team has been hard at work practicing for their upcoming spring season. After getting a good test during homecoming, in which they won, the team is looking forward to continuing that momentum into a successful season.

Going forward from our homecoming win, I believe that our team needs to work on being patient with our plays,” said junior Courtney Rosol. Senior Iris Bannon also commented saying, “The team needs to continue to work on play execution and making smart decisions when we have possession of the ball.”

With a slate of new first-years in the fold, the team is full of excitement for what’s to come in the spring.

This year we have a great group of girls and staff that are committed to being one unit and playing the sport that we love,” said Bannon. “ I am excited to push myself and my teammates to live up to our full potential and climb our way back to the top.”

Rosol also commented saying, “This year I am most excited to work hard and play together as a team, game to game, to get the wins that will ultimately get us to the NWLL tournament.”

Playing a sport in college allows many athletes to receive a top notch education, while also having the chance to continue playing the sport that they love. It’s clear that when they’re off the field, these ladies focus on their studies.

“Having the opportunity to continue playing the sport I love, in a great environment, while studying to get a degree from one of the top Sport Management programs is what makes playing lacrosse at Aquinas so special,” said Rosol.

Bannon also agreed saying, “Aquinas lacrosse has pushed me to be a well-rounded person and the program gave me some of my best friends.”

Not only is there chemistry between the players on the field, but what Rosol and Bannon might not know is there’s chemistry off. Either that, or they’re both telepathic.

When asked “If you had to be a candy, which would you be and why?” both players stated they would be Sour Patch Kids because they’re both sweet and sour.

Let’s hope they bring out the sour instead of sweet come spring.

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Taylor Hodges is a senior majoring in Sport Management/ Business Administration. He is the sports editor for The Saint and interns with the public relations department for the Grand Rapids Griffins. He hopes to one day break into the hockey business as a General Manager, but until then, encourages you to follow him on Twitter and download his mixtape.

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